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Cost to Originate a Loan2

Your Estimated Operational Cost to Originate a Loan¹
Potential Loan Cost Savings Per Loan if outsourced to Promontory Fulfillment Services
Annual Estimated Savings with Promontory Fulfillment Services

Internal Staffing Resources Staffing Levels

  • Sufficient Compliance Resources? Sufficient for volume level
  • Sufficient Marketing Support Resources? Sufficient for volume level
  • Sufficient Technology Staff Resources? Sufficient for volume level

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Additional Information

  • 1 According to MBA’s Quarterly Mortgage Bankers Performance (MBA) Report for the 3rd Quarter of 2017, a fully-loaded loan costs an Independent Mortgage Bank approximately $8,050.
  • 2 Cost to Originate calculation includes only the operational cost to originate a loan (Excludes any sales salary and related costs)
  • 3 National Mortgage Salaries from Glassdoor: National Average Salary (2/24/18)
  • 4 Use estimated % of Staff’s time currently allocated to existing residential loan business.